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NEW NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendar and Visit Rules

By Admin, 05/18/18, 9:00AM EDT


NEW NCAA Division I Recruiting


NEW NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendar and Visit Rules

August 1 to 31 and December 1 to Thursday before President’s Day are now Quiet Periods, meaning Division I women’s volleyball coaches cannot be off campus recruiting, and May 1 through Thursday before the 1st weekend in June is also a Quiet period. This extends the current May quiet period through the Memorial Day holiday. These regulations apply only to Division I women’s coaches. College coaches in other divisions (DII, DIII) and associations (NAIA, NJCAA, CCCAA) are free to recruit when they choose.  These changes will go into effect August 1, 2018 and, therefore, do not impact any events scheduled the rest of this club season.

There are also changes made to the ‘official’ and ‘unofficial visit’ regulations for prospective student athletes at Division I colleges. For student-athletes in sports other than football and basketball, official visits (visits funded by the institution) now can begin September 1 of a prospect’s junior year in high school instead of the first day of classes for senior year. Additionally, athletics departments can’t participate in a recruit’s unofficial visit (visits funded by the family) until September 1 of the recruit’s junior year in high school, and recruiting conversations during a school’s camp or clinic can’t happen before September 1 of the junior year. Both rules apply to all sports but football and basketball, which have their own rules. These changes are effective immediately.